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Raumplan House

I really liked this clean and essential house but interestingly projected with its double spaces.
"Openings of this house are made,  just like those of a musical instrument, so that it is filled with light, and once that instrument is tuned, we can highlight the movement of the solid light of the sun throughout the day".

Madrid, Spain
Architects: Alberto Campo Baeza
Year: 2015
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Geometrical Space for a Two Kid Family

This house have an interesting living world for the kids. Arched and round holes made in the box were available for the kids to play games and interact with their family members.
The details of the interior project such as the closets under stairs, the materials and colors used have caught my attention.

Yangpu, China
Interiors designers: Atelier D+Y
Year: 2018
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Belas Clube de Campo House

"The glass ground floor establishes a visual continuity with the outdoor spaces. This image of transparency creates a strong contrast with the upper white volume, that through a spiral-like wall creates a large terrace inside and protects the private spaces from the surroundings."

Architects: BICA Arquitectos
Year: 2019
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LED Lighting Details

Different uses of LED lighting

Architecture & Design
LED Lighting Details
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